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Strength Training

Building strength

The term “strength” refers to a muscle’s ability to generate force against physical objects. We use the term “strength training” to refer to the process of exercising for the purpose of strengthening the musculoskeletal system--that is, building strength. To achieve specific goals, strength training incorporates different combinations of exercises, reps, sets and tempo. These variables can be manipulated, regressed and progressed in order to alter intensity and target specific training objectives. For example, pushing your body to perform more reps or sets of a specific exercise could help you develop greater strength or achieve hypertrophy.

Why is Strength Training Important
Muscular strength plays a part in every movement you make. A regular strength training routine can build the strength and size of your muscles. But it can also play a crucial role in strengthening tendons, bones and ligaments. This can help reduce the risk of injury, speed up metabolism and lead to an afterburn effect that promotes fat loss.

Why You Should Use TRX for Strength Training
Training with the Rip Trainer and Suspension Trainer gives you a fun, functional way to develop strength and give yourself an advantage in whatever endeavors you pursue. TRX Training gear lets you easily take your workout wherever you train--at home, at the gym, outside, in a hotel or on the road. With TRX Training, you use your core with every movement and work your body the way it’s built to move as an integrated, interconnected unit. You can easily progress the difficulty of each TRX exercise, sequence or workout to find the challenge that’s just what you need to safely develop strength.

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